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Australian Conservatives is the movement uniting Australians who believe enduring values and principles are the key to a better nation.

We support and advocate for the essential pillars of conservatism as a means of building a sustainable and prosperous economy and maintaining civil society. Thousands of years of human experience have demonstrated what works. Unfortunately, this lived experience is ignored by too many involved in politics today.

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Latest News

Australian Conservatives SA Leader Dennis Hood Says Huge New Bank Tax Foolish

"It won't just be absorbed," says Mr Hood, "it will affect anyone with superannuation, because bank shares are prominent in superannuation funds."

Riverland Business Woman Nicolle Jachmann To Run As Australian Conservatives Candidate

Running for a spot in the Upper House in March next year, Nicolle Jachmann will be taking second spot behind serving MP Robert Brokenshire."If elected I will be fighting alongside...

Sex Work Bill Wrong Model for South Australia says Robert Brokenshire MLC

Concerned that it lacks adequate checks and balances, Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire made clear his disappointment that the bill to decriminalise the sex industry has passed the Upper House...

Oakden Families' Second Chance for Public Hearings Denied

Australian Conservatives MLC Dennis Hood says Oakden families' right to have hearings into the running of the facility has been denied by a government more concerned with its own interests...

Liberals Go Soft on Drug Testing

Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire says he is appalled as the Liberals' failure to support measures that would have allowed police to get more drugs off the street.