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Mission in Afghanistan Talk

Join us on Monday, November 9th, 2009 at 4:30 PM in CAB 239 (second floor Central Academic Building) for an interesting look into Canada’s role in protecting the rights and freedoms of people around the globe. Our keynote speaker, Laurie Hawn, MP for Edmonton-Centre will be speaking on the Canadian mission in Afghanistan and his work as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence.

Ryan Hastman, the federal Conservative candidate for Edmonton-Strathcona will be introducing Mr.Hawn.

4:30 PM: Cookies & Juice Reception
5:00 PM: Speaking event begins
6:00 PM: Q & A with Laurie Hawn and Ryan Hastman
6:30 PM: Meet and Greet with Laurie Hawn and Ryan Hastman
7:00 PM: End

This is going to be a great event that you won’t want to miss, so we hope to see you there!

Also, if you are on campus during the day, come check out our BBQ in the Main Quad between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. We will be serving hamburgers and hotdogs to raise money for the Greater Edmonton Poppy Fund.


Not Evil Just Wrong – Documentary Screening

Global warming alarmists want everybody to believe that humans are killing the planet. But Not Evil Just Wrong, a new documentary by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, proves that the only threats to the world are the flawed science and sky-is-falling rhetoric of Al Gore and his allies in environmental extremism.

The film warns people that their jobs, middle-class lifestyles and dreams for their children will be destroyed if the government rushes to judgment and imposes job-killing regulations on an economy already mired in recession.

Not Evil Just Wrong exposes the deceptions about global warming that scientists, politicians, educators, and the media have been force-feeding the public for years, including fear-mongering about floods and dying polar bears. The documentary shows how environmentalists are pushing the same kind of anti-human propaganda that triggered a ban on DDT and condemned millions of children to death by malaria, a story recounted in the documentary. Not Evil Just Wrong asks: Is carbon dioxide the new DDT and are we taking the same risks with our future?

*This event is FREE and open to the public.*

Phelim McAleer seeking answers to Climategate in Copenhagen:

Documentary trailer:


The Future of Alberta Politics: Danielle Smith

There is a buzz about Alberta politics these days, and it is about the upstart WIldrose Alliance Party (WAP) and the governing Progressive Conservatives (PC).

In September 2009, former leader of the WAP, Paul Hinman was re-elected in a by-election as an MLA in Calgary-Glenmore, narrowly defeating Liberal candidate Avalon Roberts by 1.17% of the vote. In January 2010, two PC MLAs, Heather Forsyth and Rob Anderson also from the Calgary area crossed the floor to join the WAP caucus, tripling its membership to 3. Are these isolated occurrences that is unique to Calgary, or is it something greater? Recent political opinion polls in Alberta seem to indicate the latter, but is it only something that is played up by the media? Many political hacks and insiders seem to think so. We will find out on March 22nd as we hear Danielle Smith, the Leader of the Wildrose Alliance Party discuss on ‘The Future of Alberta Politics’.

The University of Alberta (U of A) provides a safe environment for members of the greater university community to discuss freely on all issues that holds dear in their hearts, and the topic of conservatism in Alberta should be no different. This event is meant to educate UACA members with PC and WAP loyalties or sympathies, and as well as the public about the stance of the Wildrose Alliance Party and its leader. The floor will be open for questions with Ms. Smith in the latter portion of the event.

Premier Ed Stelmach and Preston Manning have also been invited to the U of A this semester by the UACA for separate speaking engagements regarding ‘The Future of Alberta Politics’. We will notify you should they pay a visit to our campus soon. In the meanwhile, we hope to see many of you on March 22nd!


Annual General Meeting

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of the year again! The University of Alberta Conservative Association (UACA) will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, March 12th, 2010 at 7:00 PM in CAB 239. Ryan Hastman, our Conservative candidate for the federal riding of Edmonton-Strathcona will be addressing the membership. After the AGM, we plan to party it up and and do a little “Pints and Politics”.

We invite you to come out and vote in next year’s Executive Committee and Directors, and think about running for a position yourself! Several amendments to our constitution have also been proposed.*

The executive positions are as follows:

  • President (must be a returning executive member or director)
    Executive Vice President
    Vice President, Fundraising
    Vice President, Recruitment
    Vice President, Communications
    Vice President, Events

As well, we will be electing six (6) directors to work under various VPs.

Getting involved in the UACA executive is a great way to connect with Edmonton area conservative MPs and MLAs, gain valuable political experience, and as well as to spread the conservative message on campus!

Nominations for elected positions may take place over the UACA e-mailing list, through a signed letter to the President (send e-mail to @president), or on the floor of the Annual General Meeting.

The newly elected Board will take office effective Saturday, May 1st, 2010.

Hope to see you at the AGM!

*Proper procedures to run for elected office and to amend the constitution are outlined in the UACA’s Constitution and Bylaws:

Update (March 11th, 2010 8:30 PM): In addition to Ryan Hastman addressing our membership, alumni member Cameron MacKay will also give us a talk regarding “conservatism and municipal politics”, and share with us his past experiences with the Reform Students Society and Progressive Conservative Campus Club, predecessors of the UACA.


Elect It: Senate Reform Talk

Last winter semester, the UACA held a postcard campaign on campus raising awareness about the issue of Senate reform. In continuation of our Association’s efforts from last year, the UACA is hosting a Senate Reform Talk with the Honourable Senator Bert Brown and Senator-elect Betty Unger on Wednesday, February 24th. Senator Brown is the second democratically-elected senator in Canada‚Äôs history.

Refreshments will be provided outside the Alumni Room at 4:30 PM, and the main program will begin at 5:00 PM inside the Alumni Room. A meet & greet session with Senator Brown and Senator-elect Unger will follow afterwards.

In addition, Ryan Hastman, our Conservative candidate for the federal riding of Edmonton-Strahcona will also be in attendance.
It is not very often that we get to host members of the Red Chamber on campus, so we hope to see many of you there!

Update (February 24th, 2010 1:30 PM):

Since Team Canada will be playing in an important Olympic hockey game tonight against Russia at 5:30 PM, the UACA will have a special Team Canada Party/Senate Reform Talk tonight.

Refreshments will be served at 4:30 PM as planned by the Alumni Room in SUB, and the talk will still begin at 5:00 PM sharp. However, at 5:30 PM, we will pause the Senate Reform Talk and head over to SUB Stage to watch the first period of the hockey game. At the first intermission, our Senate Reform Talk will resume and Senator Brown and Betty Unger will take questions. Afterward that is all said and done, we will head over to Earl’s on Campus to continue watching the game and have a Team Canada Party!

We hope a lot of you will come out! Wear red for Team Canada and Senate Reform!


The Future of Alberta Politics: Premier Ed Stelmach

It is official! Premier Ed Stelmach is coming to address the University of Alberta on ‘The Future of Alberta Politics’!

The UACA invites conservatives on campus, members of the greater university community, and the public to come out and hear from the Premier himself speak on what his Progressive Conservative (PC) government is doing for all Albertans. After starting the new year with some positive changes such as a cabinet shuffle, a new budget (that increases funding on health care and education), and announcing the slash of provincial energy royalties, you do not want to miss this opportunity to hear what the Premier plans to do for the months and possibly years to come!

As a recent Environics telephone poll seems to indicate, the PCs may have hit rock bottom regarding voter support, and the only way to go from here is up! Just like our event with Danielle Smith, the floor will be open for questions with Premier Stelmach in the latter portion of this event.