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Too Little, Much Too Late.

In a shameless attempt to propel themselves into their 20th continuous year in office, South Australia’s Labor government today announced they would commission a new gas power plant and ‘battery storage’.  

Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi called it a half billion dollar admission of government failure, saying “it will not solve the South Australian energy emergency. It is too little and much too late”.  Senator Bernardi said he prefers halting subsidies and ensuring the most cost-effective baseload power can be generated.

In his Weekly Dose of Common Sense email newsletter, Senator Bernardi also gave a sharp critique of US billionaire Elon Musk’s attempt to be South Australia’s energy saviour. Bringing the conversation back to reality, Senator Bernardi questioned Mr Musk’s business model after Australian political leaders rushed to tweet about their chats with him.

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Bursting the Canberra Bubble

Speaking at the SA Press Club today Senator Cory Bernardi detailed his plan for putting principle and policy ahead of personalities in federal politics. 

CB_SA_Press_Club.jpgNoting the revolving door of prime ministers under both major parties, Senator Bernardi discussed Australia’s crippling national debt and what he calls a ‘crisis of confidence in politics and politicians’. Sure to turn the heads of the Canberra elite his plan includes political donation reform, term limits and a pay freeze for all politicians until the budget returns to surplus. You can support Senator Bernardi’s seven point plan here.

The unapologetic address was a welcome change from the usual hot air to come out of Canberra. “I was drawn in by his message – essentially that Canberra needs a shake-up”, “Bernardi seems different. He seems like the real deal”, remarked Advertiser journalist Caleb Bond.

See more of what Senator Bernardi had to say on bursting the Canberra bubble here.

Free speech stumble disappointing

Senator Cory Bernardi marked yesterday's tabling of the Parliamentary report on Freedom of Speech in Australia as disappointing and a 'huge fail'.  The report recommends more layers of bureaucracy and changes to the complaints process but leaves the key problem untouched.

"How is it reasonable or fair that you can find yourself answering to some biased tribunal like the Human Rights Commission, or in court, for hurting someone else's feelings?" Senator Bernardi remarked.

"At the very least we need to remove 'offend' and 'insult' from section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act," the Senator added, "I have a Bill in the Senate that does exactly that."  Senator Bernardi has declared he intends to proceed with his private member's bill, which is co-signed by 12 out of the 13 Coalition backbench senators (noting front-benchers can not support private member's bills), and all of the current crossbench senators except the Nick Xenophon Team senators and Jacqui Lambie. 


Pictured: Senator Bernardi expresses his frustration on Twitter.

A petition page in support of reforming 18C has already attracted tens of thousands of signatures - you can view and sign it here.

Long March of Creeping Sharia

Senator Cory Bernardi told The Australian newspaper today that it is unacceptable for schools and universities to enforce Islamic bans on boys and young men having to shake hands with girls and young women.

The senator said such handshake bans continued "the long march of creeping sharia through our institutions, such as academia, universities and even schools, warping our children’s minds to accept Dark Ages attitudes towards women."

"Self-styled women’s advocates remain silent on such misogyny because it is in Islam, not their preferred alternate religious targets"

Senator Bernardi has been a regular critic of the implementation of sharia law in Australia, saying there is only one legal system in Australia.

Read the full article from the Australian (subscribers only) by clicking here.

AC will support the ABCC ASAP

The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) improved productivity on Australian construction sites between 2005 and 2012.  It drove down the costs to both taxpayers and business alike to build the infrastructure needed to provide jobs and services to the Australian people.  

The Coalition have been right to try and restore the ABCC.  Regrettably, even after taking that policy to the 2013 election, they needed a double-dissolution election in 2016 to get a Senate that would back the ABCC.  

Even after the Coalition won the election, some of the Senate crossbench abandoned principle for politics.

There is a better way.

With a strong Australian Conservatives presence on the Senate crossbench, our nation will not be forced to accept an unaccountable and virtually lawless construction sector.

We, Australian Conservatives, will without hesitation support restoring the construction watchdog, the ABCC.

Clean up Canberra - slash the Gold Pass and Pollies' Pensions

The Coalition wants to wind back the Gold Pass - but they haven't gone far enough.

There is a better way.

Australia's debt stands at $500 billion - that's $20,000 debt per man, woman and child.  

Why would we reward the architects of this disaster?

The Coalition will introduce a Bill in the Senate to restrict Gold Pass access to any former Prime Minister.

Why would we reward those who, over the last 10 years, trashed the office of Prime Minister, turning it into a political Hunger Games?

Australian Conservatives :

  1. believes that only Prime Ministers who have served a minimum term of 4 years should qualify for the Gold Pass.  In short, that means former Prime Ministers Howard, Hawke and Keating will retain Gold Pass access, but Australian Conservatives will cut off the Gold Pass for former Prime Ministers Rudd, Gillard or Abbott.  Indeed, current and future Prime Ministers would only earn the Gold Pass if they serve for 4 years.

  2. will cull former PM office entitlements - Similarly, only former Prime Ministers who served the minimum 4 year term should get an office, staff and other entitlements currently given to all former Prime Ministers.

  3. will slash early access to politicians' pensions  - Why should a former member of Parliament be able to start accessing their superannuation decades before every other Australian?  Super should only be available at retirement age like the rest of us. 

Join us on a better way

There are two significant developments that you need to know about today.


Firstly, with a heavy heart, I announced to the Senate this afternoon my resignation from the Liberal Party.

After more than 30 years of party membership, championing the values and principles which first attracted me to political involvement, I am now convinced there is a better way.

My commitment to creating stronger families, fostering free enterprise, limiting the size and scope of government and a strengthening civil society burns brighter than ever – but the change Australia desperately needs demands a different approach.

Over the past decade I have worked within the parliamentary Liberal Party to maintain the values and principles that built Australia. Regrettably, I don’t know anyone who can say our nation is better off now than it was ten years ago.

In fact, most Australians have lost faith in government and the political class…and who can blame them?

For many years I kept warning my colleagues that if we did not respond to the legitimate concerns of everyday Australians then the people would choose a different path. I am truly sorry that those warnings have been ignored by those who needed to hear them most.

Australians are desperate. The political duopoly no longer serves Australia well. Australians are voting for anything that sounds better.

Many are casting their lot with minor parties that are good at capturing headlines but offer very little in the way of principles, values or vision. We need to offer Australians a better way.

Our nation is mired in debt. It is strangled by bureaucracy and our essential freedoms are stifled by political correctness. And it is getting worse.

We simply cannot afford to abandon the Senate crossbench to big government protectionists. Australia needs and deserves a principled, stable and credible alternative for those seeking to restore hope to the people and faith in politics.

That’s why, last year, I founded Australian Conservatives – a movement committed to upholding the shared values of mainstream Australia.


The second significant development today is that I must now take the next step – a step I always hoped would be unnecessary, but it must be done.

Australian conservatives need a dedicated Senate voice to lead the restoration of our nation.

Australian Conservatives will stand up for the principles that have made Australia such a great place and which have been abandoned by the political class beholden to half-baked solutions, costly fads and the sound of their own voices.

Australian Conservatives is a movement for all Australians who share our values and believe there is a better way.

Now I know that many readers will celebrate this decision and others will be disappointed by it. That is perfectly understandable but I want to assure you all that I have not taken this step lightly.

The easy option would be to just go with the status quo…but I didn’t get into public life to take the easy path. I didn’t get into public life to be somebody but to do something.

Now is the time we all need to do something.

If you share my vision that there is a better way, you can join the Australian Conservative movement via our new website at

Whether you become a member, a supporter or a volunteer it will be great to have you with us.


Cory Bernardi launches Australian Conservatives

Senator for South Australia Cory Bernardi launched Australian Conservatives today in the Senate.

Australian Conservatives is a movement to unite conservatives, oppose personality politics and restore principled policy-making in the Senate.  

In a speech to the Senate at 12:30pm, Senator Bernardi said there was a better way for Australia.  

The Senator resigned from the Liberal Party this morning and will now sit on the Senate crossbench.  

Senator Bernardi said the door was open to the millions of Australians who support limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise, civil society and conservative principles to join the Australian Conservatives movement. You can do that today following the Get Involved and Donate links on this page.

Cory should play trump card

MALCOLM Turnbull’s nightmare start to his make-or-break year is about to get a whole lot worse. The Prime Minister now faces a split in the Liberal Party as early as this week. The high-profile Senator Cory Bernardi is almost certain to quit the Liberals and start his own conservative party.

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Liberal senator Cory Bernardi to rock first day of Parliament by resigning from the Turnbull government

Cory Bernardi is set to upend centre-right politics in Australia and announce on Tuesday that he is resigning from the Liberal Party to head his own conservative movement in a stunning move that will rock the Turnbull government as Parliament returns for the new political year.

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