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Australian Conservatives amalgamates with Family First

Australian Conservatives and Family First will join forces to provide an even stronger conservative voice across the country.

“We are delighted to announce the amalgamation of Australian Conservatives and Family First,” the Leader of Australian Conservatives, Senator Cory Bernardi, said today.


PICTURED: The Honourable Robert Brokenshire MLC,
Senator Cory Bernardi, and the Honourable Dennis Hood MLC

“Australian Conservatives was created to unite conservatives and give them a stronger voice in parliament.  Family First have now added their firepower to Australia’s fastest growing political movement.”

 “Australian Conservatives have already made an impact in federal politics, and we have previously telegraphed the intention to contest state elections.  I am thrilled to join forces with Dennis Hood and Rob Brokenshire to strengthen the conservative voice at the state level.”

“Family First has played an important role over 15 years in the SA Parliament,” said the Hon. Dennis Hood MLC, Parliamentary Leader for Family First in South Australia, “This amalgamation with Australian Conservatives provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen our voice in South Australia and nationally.”

The Hon. Robert Brokenshire MLC, Family First member of the South Australian Legislative Council, also welcomed the move.  “I’ve had a long association with conservative politics in SA.  Australian Conservatives provides a better way for South Australia,” he said.


AEC accepts Australian Conservatives registration

Today the Australian Electoral Commission approved our application for Australian Conservatives to be registered as a political party. 

AC-Better-squarer-for-website.pngThat means we are now officially the fastest growing political party in the country. It’s the first leg in a long journey to find a better way for all Australians.

This achievement confirms that we are the only Conservative Party in Australian Politics.

Already we have fought (and won) principled political battles to uphold our traditions and values, respect human dignity, support the rule of law and cut taxes.

None of this would have been possible without the support and commitment of our members.

Today marks the start of the next step of our journey and we need all the help we can get. Join us or chip in today.

Every pair of hands and every dollar of support helps Australian Conservatives provide a better way.

Bernardi highlights 'mini-mosque' hypocrisy

Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi has raised the alarm in media this week that SA Labor’s new Royal Adelaide Hospital in the ‘City of Churches’ will have an Islamic prayer room but not a Christian chapel. 

New_RAH.pngThe Australian Conservatives leader said “Australians are sick and tired of accommodating a minority religion while undermining Christian traditions and heritage”. “Why do we expect the predominant religious belief -- being Christian cultural heritage -- and every other religious belief to share the multi-faith reflection centre… and then have another room almost exclusively for the use of another minority religion of two per cent -- even less here in South Australia.”

During subsequent coverage, the SA Government claimed the multi-faith area was always going to be called a 'chapel', but on Wednesday 12 April a select group of chaplains consulted on the area said they had opposed using the word 'chapel' to avoid offence to other faiths.  Senator Bernardi has questioned who is telling the truth about the chapel plans.

Kirralie Smith joins Australian Conservatives

Former senate candidate and anti-halal campaigner Kirralie Smith today joined Australian Conservatives to support its work in New South Wales. Senator Cory Bernardi’s statement welcoming Kirralie on board follows.

Kirralie Smith

Friday 7 April 2017

I am thrilled to welcome Kirralie Smith as a member of Australian Conservatives. Having worked with her on a number of occasions, most notably on halal certification concerns, I know her aspirations for our country and the preservation of Australian values are genuine and heartfelt.

Kirralie has been a courageous and outspoken opponent of the political correctness that is plaguing our nation and she will bring that energy and conviction to make a positive contribution as a member of Australian Conservatives.

Australian Conservatives is expanding its national footprint and has experienced significant growth in New South Wales as more people seek a principled, stable and credible alternative to the major parties. In the months ahead we will be seeking State based Party registration and I look forward to Kirralie playing a significant role in that process.

We are excited to have Kirralie join us during our rapid expansion as the fastest growing political movement in our nation.


Senate kills 18C change

In a disappointing move the Senate have blocked proposed changes to section 18C, after Labor hijacked last night’s debate, showing a gross discourtesy to Senate procedure and just how intolerant they are of any other ideas.


As reported by the West Australian, “the attempt to reword 18C was killed off by a Labor amendment to the Bill, 31 votes to 28. Labor Senate leader Penny Wong moved Labor's amendment, catching other Senators off guard.”

"Conservative crossbencher Cory Bernardi was outraged that she had hijacked the debate before his amendments could be considered."

The amendments proposed by the Australian Conservatives senator would have inserted truth as a defence and explained that the word 'harass' meant it had to constitute more than one instance.

However, along with the Nick Xenophon Team, Senator Lambie and the Greens, Labor have voted down any free speech reform to 18C.

Fortunately, Senator Cory Bernardi's bill (backed by over a dozen other senators) to remove 'offend' and 'insult' is still alive and due for a Senate committee report on Budget Day.

Coalition rolls over "too easily" on China extradition treaty

In a direct response to Senator Cory Bernardi’s senate motion to block China’s extradition treaty the PM has decided to put the treaty back on hold, a move welcomed by Australian Conservatives.

The Herald Sun today said:
"Cory Bernardi … deserves our thanks for dragging into the light a seedy attempt by the Turnbull Government to quietly ratify an extradition treaty with the Communists who rule Peking." "The leadership went into full panic mode as it dawned that several of its own members were serious about voting with Bernardi."

The move against the Chinese extradition treaty made international headlines this week and had the numbers in the Senate.

Australian Conservatives' intervention in this major foreign policy incident to bring the Coalition to its senses demonstrates, yet again, there is a better way.


Bernardi breaks China contract

The Advertiser today has declared Senator Cory Bernardi’s “first major parliamentary win” since he launched Australian Conservatives last month. 

Advertiser_China_Text.jpgSenator Bernardi raised grave concerns regarding the ratification of a Chinese extradition treaty, which has been on hold for the last 10 years, a move that has garnered international attention.

Red flags raised by Senator Bernardi saw a flurry of support from the opposition and senate crossbench, forcing “Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to shelve plans for the ratification of the extradition treaty with China.”

Australian Conservatives will remain vigilant that no extradition treaty should be ratified by the Australian Parliament until the rule of law in China improves.

Too Little, Much Too Late.

In a shameless attempt to propel themselves into their 20th continuous year in office, South Australia’s Labor government today announced they would commission a new gas power plant and ‘battery storage’.  

Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi called it a half billion dollar admission of government failure, saying “it will not solve the South Australian energy emergency. It is too little and much too late”.  Senator Bernardi said he prefers halting subsidies and ensuring the most cost-effective baseload power can be generated.

In his Weekly Dose of Common Sense email newsletter, Senator Bernardi also gave a sharp critique of US billionaire Elon Musk’s attempt to be South Australia’s energy saviour. Bringing the conversation back to reality, Senator Bernardi questioned Mr Musk’s business model after Australian political leaders rushed to tweet about their chats with him.

To subscribe to Senator Bernardi’s weekly email newsletter please visit his website here.

Bursting the Canberra Bubble

Speaking at the SA Press Club today Senator Cory Bernardi detailed his plan for putting principle and policy ahead of personalities in federal politics. 

CB_SA_Press_Club.jpgNoting the revolving door of prime ministers under both major parties, Senator Bernardi discussed Australia’s crippling national debt and what he calls a ‘crisis of confidence in politics and politicians’. Sure to turn the heads of the Canberra elite his plan includes political donation reform, term limits and a pay freeze for all politicians until the budget returns to surplus. You can support Senator Bernardi’s seven point plan here.

The unapologetic address was a welcome change from the usual hot air to come out of Canberra. “I was drawn in by his message – essentially that Canberra needs a shake-up”, “Bernardi seems different. He seems like the real deal”, remarked Advertiser journalist Caleb Bond.

See more of what Senator Bernardi had to say on bursting the Canberra bubble here.

Free speech stumble disappointing

Senator Cory Bernardi marked yesterday's tabling of the Parliamentary report on Freedom of Speech in Australia as disappointing and a 'huge fail'.  The report recommends more layers of bureaucracy and changes to the complaints process but leaves the key problem untouched.

"How is it reasonable or fair that you can find yourself answering to some biased tribunal like the Human Rights Commission, or in court, for hurting someone else's feelings?" Senator Bernardi remarked.

"At the very least we need to remove 'offend' and 'insult' from section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act," the Senator added, "I have a Bill in the Senate that does exactly that."  Senator Bernardi has declared he intends to proceed with his private member's bill, which is co-signed by 12 out of the 13 Coalition backbench senators (noting front-benchers can not support private member's bills), and all of the current crossbench senators except the Nick Xenophon Team senators and Jacqui Lambie. 


Pictured: Senator Bernardi expresses his frustration on Twitter.

A petition page in support of reforming 18C has already attracted tens of thousands of signatures - you can view and sign it here.