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There are two significant developments that you need to know about today.


Firstly, with a heavy heart, I announced to the Senate this afternoon my resignation from the Liberal Party.

After more than 30 years of party membership, championing the values and principles which first attracted me to political involvement, I am now convinced there is a better way.

My commitment to creating stronger families, fostering free enterprise, limiting the size and scope of government and a strengthening civil society burns brighter than ever – but the change Australia desperately needs demands a different approach.

Over the past decade I have worked within the parliamentary Liberal Party to maintain the values and principles that built Australia. Regrettably, I don’t know anyone who can say our nation is better off now than it was ten years ago.

In fact, most Australians have lost faith in government and the political class…and who can blame them?

For many years I kept warning my colleagues that if we did not respond to the legitimate concerns of everyday Australians then the people would choose a different path. I am truly sorry that those warnings have been ignored by those who needed to hear them most.

Australians are desperate. The political duopoly no longer serves Australia well. Australians are voting for anything that sounds better.

Many are casting their lot with minor parties that are good at capturing headlines but offer very little in the way of principles, values or vision. We need to offer Australians a better way.

Our nation is mired in debt. It is strangled by bureaucracy and our essential freedoms are stifled by political correctness. And it is getting worse.

We simply cannot afford to abandon the Senate crossbench to big government protectionists. Australia needs and deserves a principled, stable and credible alternative for those seeking to restore hope to the people and faith in politics.

That’s why, last year, I founded Australian Conservatives – a movement committed to upholding the shared values of mainstream Australia.


The second significant development today is that I must now take the next step – a step I always hoped would be unnecessary, but it must be done.

Australian conservatives need a dedicated Senate voice to lead the restoration of our nation.

Australian Conservatives will stand up for the principles that have made Australia such a great place and which have been abandoned by the political class beholden to half-baked solutions, costly fads and the sound of their own voices.

Australian Conservatives is a movement for all Australians who share our values and believe there is a better way.

Now I know that many readers will celebrate this decision and others will be disappointed by it. That is perfectly understandable but I want to assure you all that I have not taken this step lightly.

The easy option would be to just go with the status quo…but I didn’t get into public life to take the easy path. I didn’t get into public life to be somebody but to do something.

Now is the time we all need to do something.

If you share my vision that there is a better way, you can join the Australian Conservative movement via our new website at

Whether you become a member, a supporter or a volunteer it will be great to have you with us.


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commented 2017-02-14 22:40:09 +1030
Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. (W. H. Murray). Godspeed Cory.
commented 2017-02-14 08:35:35 +1030
Finally, a party that represents and upholds time honoured values! It’s going to be a challenging but worthwhile road ahead as the noise from an army of self-anointed cultural elites and, their political and ideological cohorts will be almost deafening, but we shall prevail. Well done Cory…
commented 2017-02-09 11:03:31 +1030
A principled Conservative party is sorely needed. Take the issue of child care – Liberals, Labor and Greens are united in believing that governments should push stay-at-home parents into institutional childcare and paid employment, whether they want to or not. That a Liberal Government has swallowed this line from business, liberal feminists, and the self-interested child care industry is stunning, but it shows the extent to which the Liberals have lost the plot and succumbed to neo-liberal, feminist and corporate interests.
commented 2017-02-08 13:21:56 +1030
Just a few thoughts.
1.Tread carefully on free trade deals. Study all of the ramifications of a particular agreement.
2 .Mobilize the ethnic vote – they trend conservative on social issues.
3.Government waste – I am too ill to write at length, but inter alia re health, public housing…I have had what can best be described as novel experiences.
Finally, most important issues for me… maintenance of the traditional nuclear family & an end to PC. ..etc.
No need to waffle… You have my vote, obviously I support your platform
commented 2017-02-08 13:19:21 +1030
Fantastic news! I joined the Australian Conservative movement last year and I have been a fan of Cory’s for many years. He is intelligent, he has Christian, family and honesty values. He doesn’t put up with political correctness, he believes marriage is between a man and a woman, he believes in Australian sovereignty, he doesn’t believe in the myth that is anthropogenic global warming, he will support South Australia to the hilt and he will hold all politicians to account, By being independent, he will be able to do all these things. Congratulations Cory on taking on all the Insiders. Your bold, unselfish and courageous move has already sent shockwaves around the Media and the Establishment politicians. You, being in the Senate as an Independent, is in the best interest of all Australians and I hope many thousands join your Movement and that you are able to have Candidates to represent your Party in all the up-coming elections. Well done, Cory.
commented 2017-02-08 09:52:24 +1030
Like Ashley, I’ve also just joined a political party for the very first time today. In my younger days I was a swinging voter who sometimes voted Labor in the days when they actually represented the working man’s interests rather than just the inner-city latte set, but generally for the Liberals in the House of Reps with a Senate vote for the Democrats when they were still a political force.

When the Greens emerged from the swamp and dragged Labor increasingly further to the left on most issues, I found that the Liberals under Howard and then Abbott were the only party that represented my political views, but sadly with the left-leaning, ABC-loving Turnbull in charge they have increasingly abandoned conservative principles and values and are becoming more like Labor all the time (though kudos to the Nationals for at least staying true to their conservative constituents).

I therefore welcome Cory’s initiative in setting up an outlet for those of us who do hold traditional family and society values that are increasingly being undermined, trashed and sneered at by the “noisy minority” of left-wing politicians, media outlets and lobbyists who have already had a taste of how fed up the “silent majority” are with Brexit and Trump. Hopefully the Australian Conservatives can deliver a third lot of reality to the professional offence-takers and frightbats that are hellbent on ruining our traditional Australian way of life with their PC greenie rubbish.
commented 2017-02-08 09:22:25 +1030
I am so excited that we finally have someone, who is actually prepared to listen to the people, that I just had to join a political party for the first time in my life.

Politicians are supposed to be representatives of the people, not in charge of the people. For too long have we seen the disconnect, the buying of votes, a feeling that they will do and say anything to be elected/re-elected instead of having our best interests at heart.

This stops now! You have all been put on notice.

Thank you Corey!
commented 2017-02-08 07:54:10 +1030
Today I joined my first political party, the Australian Conservatives. Like many Australians, I am disillusioned with the Liberal Party and feel that they have completely lost their way. Corey you have been consistent and principled in all of your representations and I am wholly supportive of this move.
commented 2017-02-07 19:35:30 +1030
Thank you for your actions today,hopefully you can restore conservative politics to its correct position in this country,along with the values that conservative politics should live by and die for.